Wines from Chateau Clos Fourtet

Chateau Clos Fourtet

Château Clos Fourtet is located outside the entrance to the town of Saint-Émilion, with a beautiful ivy-covered manor house and large underground cellars. For centuries, the unassuming ancient 'Camp Fortet' has watched over the historic town of Saint-Émilion, providing protection in times of war and overseeing prosperity. The 19-hectare vineyard  (Merlot (72%), Cabernet Franc (22%), and Cabernet Sauvignon (6%)) sits atop the highest slopes of Western Saint-Émilion, with the chateau and its enclosing wall constructed from the very rock beneath it.

Clos Fourtet has been a member of the elite 'Premiers Grands Crus Classés' of Saint-Émilion since the classification began in 1956.

Under the stewardship of the Lurtons and winemaker Pierre Lurton, the property established its reputation as one of the finest on the St. Martin plateau. Paris businessman Phillipe Cuvelier bought Clos Fourtet in January 2001

The vineyard benefits from superb drainage due to its location on the summit of Saint-Émilion, where limestone soils dominate. This creates wines with unique freshness, delicate tannins, and minerality, reflecting a strong identity that is recognized by passionate enthusiasts as the 'Clos Fourtet style.' The winery works in harmony with the surrounding nature to nurture the soils.

A vast underground cave network, spanning 13 hectares, weaves beneath the vineyards, offering an exceptional natural climate for the 250 barrels and 100,000 bottles of wine stored within. This natural cellar is not only functional but also aesthetic, with a mysterious history that adds to its allure.

Clos Fourtet's Premier Grand Cru Classé wines are some of the finest examples of Saint-Émilion, displaying natural aromas woven together in a charming display of the vineyard's unparalleled potential. The wines mature and develop over time, marking the culmination of all the winery's efforts.

Clos Fourtet produces wine that is vinified traditionally and aged in oak barriques (60-70% new) for 18 months. The wine is bottled unfiltered.

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Chateau Clos Fourtet
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