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Worldwide delivery

Best of Wines employs expert courier UPS for her worldwide shipping. The worldwide network of UPS ensures that your order can be delivered within 1 to 4 working days, all over the world.

Our shipments are wrapped in secure packages, custom designed for Best of Wines, to keep the risk of glass breakage or damage to a minimum. All packages are insured against breakage and loss.

Right before shipment we will provide our customers with a tracking number, allowing packages to be followed by track & trace.

With some countries we do have some difficulties of restrictions. You can read all about this in the section below.

Interested to see the shipping costs for your order? Calculate all shipping costs below. 

Worldwide delivery

Worldwide delivery


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Shipping to the United Kingdom

Since the Brexit, unfortunately the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. This means that all parcels shipped to England, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be subjected to import duties. These duties will consist of the VAT, excise duties and a small fee for the clearing process.

When you order at Best of Wines, the service we provide is our highest priority, also when it comes to the choice of our courier. Since Brexit it has been of the utmost importance that we found a courier who was able to manage the suddenly changing regulations and could keep delivering without too many delays and at an honest price. This is why we have chosen FedEx to be our courier for shipments to the United Kingdom. FedEx will arrange the clearing for you, and because they have their own clearance department, as well as a steady logistics network within the UK, your parcel will be delivered faster and at lower charges than other couriers can offer at the moment. 

Because the VAT and duties that will be charged in the UK, we have stopped sending gifts to the UK. If you wish to send a gift to somebody in the United Kingdom, please contact us at

Please do note that when placing the order and agreeing to the terms and conditions, the responsibility of the VAT, duties and clearing costs will be transfered to you as importer. For more information on VAT and duties, please contact your local customs office.

Shipping to the United States

In the past couple of years, shipping to the USA has become a challange. Regulations and restrictions have made logistics very expensive and in some cases nearly impossible. We now have found a way with which we can offer a relatively competitive, as well as a relatively swift method of shipping.

The prices are constantly changing, ad we're trying to keep getting better rates for these shipments.
The current pricing for shipping to the United States is:

1 bottle • €115 
2 bottles • €134.45
3 bottles • €153.90
4 bottles • €173.35
5 bottles • €192.80
6 bottles • €212.25
12 bottles • €328.95

Please note that in some cases we would need to ship any order containing more than 6 items as separate shipments. It might be that you will receive the full order over the course of several shipments.
Due to policy of our partner, we are only able to ship non-US Whisky and Wine. Bourbon and USA whiskey can not be transferred through this method.
In addition the above prices are only available for private recipients. For B2B shipments we are still unable to ship under the same conditions.

This shipping method is available for the following 28 different states:

California • Connecticut • Delaware • District of Columbia  • Florida • Georgia • Idaho
Illinois • Indiana • Louisianna • Maryland • Maine • Massachusetts • Minnesota
Nebraska  • New Jersey • New Mexico • New York • North Carolina • Ohio • Oregon
Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • South Carolina • Texas • Virginia • Washington • Wyoming 

We can still ship to the other states, unfortunately this is still very expensive. For more information on what your shipping costs would be, you can contact us at

Our team is constantly looking for better and improving ways to ship so also our customers in the USA can easily receive their bottles without too much costs and effort. At this moment we are working on finding a fitting way of shipping to the USA, but this takes some time to set up. 

Once we find a new and fitting way of shipping to the US, we will update this section of our website, and you can find the information here. You can also create a profile and subscribe to our newsletter. Once we have a way of shipping to the USA, we will send you an email about this update and more information.

For more information on shipping to the USA or questions about the logistics to your country, please contact us at

Shipping to South Korea


When shipping to South Korea there are several things to keep in mind. The most important subject is the FTA (Free Trade Agreement). When we ship to South Korea, we will always include the following notification on the invoice:


The invoice will then be signed and we will include our name and a company stamp. This means that with shipments containing wines from the European Union, that remain below a value of €6.000,- the tariff of 15% will not be charged. You will still be charged the duties on alcohol (liquor tax) and other taxes and duties for the import on alcohol, such as VAT and education tax.


When shipping your order, we try everything we can to guarantee a safe delivery. The most important goal of our logistics team is to make sure your bottles arrive in perfect condition. This means there are always things to keep in mind, and with South Korea one of the most challenging factors that can interfere with safe shipping is the weather.

Though most of the time the temperatures are safe for shipping, the summer and winter season can pose a problem. When shipping while temperatures in Seoul get as low as -10°C, there is a chance of the wines freezing, and shipping with temperatures well over 30°C is far from beneficial for our products.
Because our aim to deliver your order in perfect condition, we offer two services to make sure your wines are not affected by the weather.

We can hold your wines in our climate controlled warehouse for a period of 120 days, free of charge. The time with unfitting temperatures is usually only two months, so this gives us plenty of time to find the perfect shipping window.

Besides being able to hold the bottles for you, we can also insulate your shipment. Our insulation is made from paper wool, and guarantees to keep your bottles at a steady temperature for 48 hours. After this time, the interior temperature adjusts to the ambient temperature at a rate of only 0,8°C per hour. Because this prevents major shifts in temperature, and also doesn't allow the wines to get too cold or too hot in the meantime, this is perfect for shipping under extreme conditions.

The costs for our insulation service is:

• 1-6 bottles €15,-
• 7-12 bottles €30,-
• 13-18 bottles €45,-
• 19-24 bottles €60,-


Because our service through UPS, and the correct invoice requirements, our shipments to South Korea usually take just 3-5 working days. We usually do aim to ship on Monday or Tuesday, so the wines will not stay in a warehouse over the weekend, but have as short a transit time as possible.

If you still have any questions about shipping to South Korea, please don't hesitate to let us know at

Shipping your wines internationally


With Best of Wines we are able to reach nearly every part of the world, and our team is aware of most of the regulations for each destination. When shipping internationally there are some things to keep in mind.


When shipping within the European Union, you will pay the VAT when placing your order. You will pay the VAT rate of your country. This means that your parcel will not be taken through customs and you will not be charged anything else upon arrival of your order.


We can ship to most countries in Europe that are not part of the European Union, however there are some limits and restrictions. The most important ones:

Bosnia Herzegovina
An import license is needed for importing wine.

No shipping is currently available.

Only the Greek part of Cyprus can receive alcoholic beverages. Extra VAT and duties might apply on shipments to Cyprus. Please contact your local customs office before ordering to Cyprus.

Wine up to 20 kg can be imported with a reduced duty rate for private individuals only. For commercial purchases an import license is needed. On spirits there is no reduced import rate.

For shipments to Norway, the ABV must remain under 60%. This means that some whiskies or rums can not be shipped to Norway.

No shipping is currently available.

San Marino
A maximum of 5 litres may be imported for personal use.

Only businesses with an import license for alcohol can receive alcoholic beverages in Turkey.

No shipping is currently available.


When shipping to any country outside of Europe, or the European Union trade zone, your parcel will be subjected to VAT and duties. You can contact your local customs office if you should have any questions about these duties, or visit the website of your government.

There are several countries outside of Europe that have some restrictions as well. Some of the most important countries:

We are unable to ship to most countries in Africa, with exception of South Africa. Please contact us through if you're planning on shipping your order to Africa.

We can not ship to Queensland and Northern Territories.

No shipping is currently available.

No shipping is currently available.

Latin America
You can only import wines into Latin America when you have an import license.

Middle East, Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi
Unfortunately we are unable to ship to most of the countries in the Middle East and South Caucasus. We can ship to Lebanon and Israel fairly easy. Also to Dubai and Abu Dhabi we can ship, but the importer will need a permit and there is a limit of 2 bottles. Please also keep in mind that these countries will have very high import duties on alcoholic beverages.

South Korea
When shipping to South Korea there is a value limit under which you will not pay the 15% tariff. You can contact your local customs office for more information on this limit. For more information about shipping to South Korea, click here.

When shipping to Taiwan there is a limit of 5 litres that can be imported for personal use.

United States of America
At this moment, unfortunately only a very expensive way of shipping to the US is available. We are working on finding new ways to ship to the USA again. You can find more information by clicking here.

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