Wines from Pichler


The vineyards of F.X. Pichler are scattered over the villages of Dürnstein and Loibner in Niederöstereich. When Franz Xaver Pichler took over the winery from his father, the total surface area was only three hectares. He expanded this area to ten hectares. He has since handed over his responsibilities to his son Lucas Franz Pichler. Despite the handover, Franz can still be found in the vineyard almost every day. Lucas continues to grow the company steadily and has managed to expand the vineyard area to twenty hectares.

In the 1980s, Franz started to develop his own wine style: terroir-driven and with the highest possible ripeness. You have to remember that the market at that time was mainly focused on the production of easy and light wines. With the production of full-bodied, complex and terroir-driven wines, F.X. Pichler was very progressive. The two vineyards Dürnstein Kellerberg and Loibner Loibenbeg eventually also acquired grand cru status.

The most planted grape variety is Grüner Veltliner, followed by Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. About 35% of these vines grow on steep terraced slopes with a rocky soil. These terraces date back to the 13th century. Due to this location, the vineyards can only be worked by hand.

In the cellar, the process is carried out with great care, and interventions are kept to a minimum. The entire vinification is aimed at producing pure and authentic wines. The winery will be certified organic from 2022.

Each wine is a reflection of the year, and of the terroir of Wachau. This produces unique and distinctive wines every year. With these wines, F.X. Pichler to the absolute top of Austria.

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