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Giacomo Conterno

Giacomo Conterno is without a doubt one of the best in Piemonte. It is one of the most traditional producers of the region. The Conterno family has been producing wine here since the 18th century. At the time, local wine production was mainly done in bulk, but in the 1920s, Giovanni decided to do things differently. He chose to produce a Barolo as we know it today; a powerful and complex wine, certainly not a mass-produced wine. In 1961, Giacomo handed over the winery to his two sons Giovanni and Aldo. Although Aldo soon chose to start his own winery, Giovanni remained true to his father's vision. Today, Giovanni's son Roberto Contero is in charge of the winery.

Based in the town of Monforte d'Alba, Giacomo Conterno owns some of the best vineyards in Piedmont, including Cerretta, Arione and Francia. The plots are located at an average elevation of 500 meters, where the Nebbiolo and Barbera vines enjoy the perfect conditions.

Conterno was one of the first producers to deliberately let the Barolos ferment for a long time and let them mature in large wooden barrels. Before that, the wines in Piemonte were produced quickly and marketed immediately, until Giacomo changed this. His approach is still used by Roberto today. In addition to the Barolos, the winery also releases a number of Barbera d'Alba wines. All of very high quality!

The wines are very exclusive and difficult to obtain. Especially the older vintages are very popular. The iconic vintages are 2004, 2006, 2010 and 2014.

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Giacomo Conterno
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