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Chateau Haut Bailly

Château Haut-Bailly, nestled on the gentle slopes of Bordeaux's historic Graves region, holds a treasured place in the annals of winemaking. Records dating back to 1461 testify to the exceptional vine-growing potential of this hallowed land. Centuries of steadfast dedication have forged Haut-Bailly into a visionary estate, steeped in a rich tapestry of memories.

The Wilmers family, proprietors since 1998, embody Haut-Bailly's ethos of 'sense-driven' progression. The late 'Bob' Wilmers, former chairman of M&T Bank, was known for his human-centric approach, who built on a profound belief in people. In a world marked by scepticism, 'The Good Banker' earned trust and respect. In this spirit, Haut-Bailly's new winery serves as a testament to the harmonious relationship between winemaker and wine lover. Just as goodness forms the essence of Haut-Bailly, sharing it only makes it stronger. The essence of this estate is a mosaic of vineyards blanketing sandy, gravel-rich soils that rest upon a bed of sandstone. Beneath the earth lies a remarkable legacy—a petrified tapestry of ancient fossil shells, bestowing unrivalled drainage and precious minerals. In the heart of this estate, close to the chateau, lies its most cherished treasure: a diverse community of age-old vines, imparting each year a profound soulfulness and timeless continuity to the wines.
Haut-Bailly's commitment to quality demands a gentle touch and minimal intervention in the winery, nurturing wines of purity, allure, and precision. The vineyard is meticulously tended, with each plot harvested individually to capture the peak ripeness of Merlot and Cabernet. Technology is harnessed in service of nature, adding precision while preserving integrity. Innovation and a quest for excellence drive Haut-Bailly to embark on groundbreaking projects. From researching the key molecules shaping wine aromas during aging to refining pruning techniques that honour vine sap flow, the estate pushes boundaries. Their partnership with Bordeaux University fosters the education of future winemakers, and participation in research groups yields technological breakthroughs.

James Suckling about Haut-Bailly: ‘’They are on a fast track to becoming one of Bordeaux's premier estates. Americans enjoy their Graves! And Pessac-Léognan too’’!. He graded the 2019 Château Haut-Bailly Cru Classé de Graves with 99 points, which is even higher than the 98 points given by Robert Parker.

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Chateau Haut Bailly

Wines from from Chateau Haut Bailly

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