The best wines from Tuscany

There are only a few places in the world that have such phenomenal vistas as Tuscany. The undulating hills with cypresses, olive trees and endless vineyards are of a beauty and romance that will last forever. The ancient villages, the remains of the Roman and Etruscan era make the picture more than complete.

Tuscany is the land of Chianti and Brunello, both wines are made from the typical Tuscan grape Sangiovese. The area has gained fame in recent decades because some wines were among the best wines in the world: the so-called Super Tuscans. It was the result of experimenting with typical Bordeaux grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Ornellaia (Bordeaux blend), Sassicaia (cabernet sauvignon, since 1968) and Masseto (merlot) gained worldwide fame. Since the market picked this up in the years 2000-2020, their prices have been tremendous prices.

The Sangiovese grape is the best known and most widely distributed grape variety in Italy. The grape takes time to mature, which means it needs a lot of heat. Especially in Tuscany very good results are achieved with this grape variety. Brunellos and Chiantis are all made from the Sangiovese grape. Especially the Super Tuscans and the Reserva wine from this region are excellent examples of this and show that these wines can mature very well and can continue to amaze every wine lover after many decades.

Sangiovese stands for a high acidity and somewhat denser tannins. The alcohol percentage is average and the wines age very well in oak barrels. Sangiovese can often be recognized by a somewhat earthy character. The fruit is both red and black: cherries, blueberries, black currants. Clear floral elements can also be recognized.

Well-known producers from Tuscany

Well known and famous wineries in Tuscany include: Antinori (Tignanello, Solaia), Biondi Santi, Le Macchiole, Luce, Petrolo, Poggio di Sotto, Ornellaia, Soldera, Sassicaia, Masseto.