Wines from Cantina Terlano

Cantina Terlano

Cantina Terlano winery, founded in 1893, is a leading cooperative of wine growers in South Tyrol (translated in Italian as Alto Adige), with 143 members working 190 hectares of land producing approximately 1.5 million bottles of wine annually. The winery is highly respected for its focus on quality and has received recognition worldwide.  

The winery produces 70 percent white and 30 percent red wines (DOC quality). 

The wines of Cantina Terlano can be divided in two quality lines, the Selections and the traditional line. Additionally, a vintage wine is produced, which is released after spending at least ten years maturing in the cellars, symbolizing the winery's focus on wines that can mature for a long time.

Terlano's vineyards are located in the Middle Adige Valley, formed during the last Ice Age by the Adige glacier. The skeletal sandy loamy soils have a high quartz content, resulting in a high permeability to water, a limited nutrient supply, and naturally limited yields. The vineyards, located on the same latitude as Burgundy, are privileged with a mild climate and exceptional microclimate due to the main Alpine chain protecting the region from cold winds, while glaciers nearby contribute a reservoir of fresh air.

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Cantina Terlano
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