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Cedric Bouchard

Cotes de Bar; the production region of Cedric Bouchard. Cedric's vineyards cover 1.3 hectares and are spread over four plots. These four small plots are treated with great care and they all deliver high quality grapes. The winery does not have an ancient history; it begins in the year 2000.

As mentioned before, the vineyards are well kept and carefully maintained according to organic wine growing methods. The main purpose is to express the terroir of the vine. In Champagne, it is customary to produce wines from several grape varieties, a so-called blend. At Bouchard, they deliberately do not produce blends. They have chosen to release single variety, single vineyard and millisimé champagnes. This means that it involves one grape variety, one plot and one harvest. This is what gives the champagnes their unique character.

The base wines are made by fermenting the grapes at a low temperature in stainless steel tanks. This way, the primary fruit flavours are well preserved. The entire process is as natural as possible. So, the wines are not clarified, filtered or stabilized and no dosage is added afterwards. A low to zero dosage means that the wines contain hardly any residual sugars and that they are bone dry. These champagnes fall into the Brut Nature category. Pure, clean and elegant, that is the style of Cedric Bouchard's champagnes. Are you planning a culinary evening? Bouchard's champagnes are perfect for gastronomic events!

The champagne house may only have a quite short history, but that does not change the fact that the champagnes are of high quality! The best vintages are: 2002, 2008 and 2012.

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Cedric Bouchard
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