Wines from Agrapart


Agrapart is based in Avize, Côte des Blancs who owns 10-hectare vineyard (62 parcels mostly located in grand cru villages), mostly planted with Chardonnay. The domaine adheres a a natural approach in winegrowing, carefully ploughing the vineyard soils and adding compost made from local ingredients to ensure their organic health and productivity.

The Champagnes are not fined nor filtered, and are bottled at the domain through hand riddling. Agrapart is committed to meticulous work in the vines and cellar, primarily adopting organic or biodynamic practices and non-interventionist methods, respectively. This produces wines that not only taste delicious but also express deeper terroir dimensions than others in their appellation. Pascal Agrapart is one of the inspiring growers in this regard, consistently producing harmonious, clear, and distinctive Champagnes. 

Since 1984, Pascal has been making wines after taking over from his father, Pierre, and studying oenology in Bordeaux and Avize. 

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Wines from from Agrapart

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