Wines from Chateau La Mondotte

Chateau La Mondotte

The estate's history of La Mondotte dates to the early 19th century, with mentions of it appearing as far back as 1868. Contrary to rumours, it was not established in 1996 but underwent significant developments during the 1996 revision of the Saint-Emilion classification. In 1971, Joseph-Hubert von Neipperg, the father of Stephan von Neipperg, acquired La Mondotte vineyard. This acquisition occurred concurrently with the procurement of several other estates, collectively forming the core of the von Neipperg family's vineyard holdings in Saint-Émilion.

Situated on the eastern plateau of Saint-Emilion, the 4.5-hectare vineyard is an exceptional jewel, alongside prestigious neighbours like Château Pavie Décesse, Château Troplong Mondot, and Tertre Rôteboeuf, boasts a unique soil composition. The vineyard represents a 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc vines, some of which are approximately 50 years old. Beneath the surface, clay-limestone rests on a rocky subsoil, creating an ideal environment for quality wines. This soil structure not only regulates water effectively but also encourages deep root growth, ensuring intensified flavours and enhanced resilience during dry spells. The undulating terrain and abundant southern exposure guarantee early ripening, particularly favouring the merlot grapes, which thrive in this microclimate. Due to its small vineyard size, La Mondotte produces a limited number of bottles each year. This scarcity underscores the urgency for enthusiasts to secure their share of this exceptional wine. In recognition of its extraordinary quality, la Mondotte was rightfully elevated to Premier Grand Cru Classé B status in 2012.

The vineyard management follows biodynamic principles, aligning with Stephan Neipperg's philosophy for his premier crus. The winemaking process includes fermentation and maceration in wooden tanks, enabling the wine to reach its full colour and flavour potential. Each tank receives personalized attention, ensuring a slow and precise extraction process. The vinification occurs in thermo-regulated wooden tanks, with extraction times varying according to the vintage. Notably, La Mondotte holds an organic agriculture certification.

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Chateau La Mondotte
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