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Chateau Gracia

Château Gracia is located in Saint-Émilion. This winery has produced some of the most highly regarded wines from Bordeaux, such as the 2010 Château Gracia, which has received very high scores from international reviewers. With just five hectares of land, Château Gracia is as small-scale as it is successful, proof that quality in the wine world is not measured by size.

Founded in Bordeaux during the late 20th century by Michel Gracia, Château Gracia is a typical "vin de garage". During this time period, a select group of wine producers began to produce a special kind of wine, avoiding the traditional, and sometimes time-consuming, technique of producing wine. These so-called garagistes successfully managed to produce a Bordeaux wine that required a shorter period of ageing to come to taste. However, according to some critics, this methodology would undermine the traditions of Bordeaux wine production, causing Château Gracia to face much criticism. But despite this, this winery has managed to grow into a very successful garagiste wine, setting the bar high for Château Gracia.

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Chateau Gracia

Wines from from Chateau Gracia

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