Wines from Chateau Clinet

Located at a 40 kilometres distance from Bordeaux at the right embankment of the Garonne river, Château Clinet is one of Pomerol’s most picturesque vineyards. On average, Château Clinet vintages receive high rating from international reviewers. The Château Clinet 2009 and Château Clinet 1989 both even received a perfect score form 100 point by Robert Parker. An incredible achievement!

The vineyard is planted predominantly with Merlot vines (90%), followed by 1% Cabernet Franc and 9% Cabernet Sauvignon. Clay and gravel soils provide for the best nutrition to the vines, which have been on site for over a four decades time span. After the grapes are hand-harvested and fermented for a month, the wine follows a maturing process in new oak casks for approximately 16 months. At Château Clinet, most casks are made out of wood deriving from French forests. A small percentage of casks however is made out of Austrian copper.

A complimenting factor about Château Clinet is the use of an eco-friendly approach, in which the vines are treated with care by the use of natural circumstances only.

Château Clinet was acquired in 1999 by Jean Louis Laborde, a passionate man who gained work experience in Argentina and Bordeaux. Laborde’s son Ronan had already proved to be a skilled future wine director as he joined his father during his business trips, learning the tricks and trades of wine making. At the young age of only 23 years old, Ronan Laborde took ownership of Château Clinet, following his father’s footsteps. Château Clinet is still under the leadership of the Ronan Laborde and his father Jean Louis Laborde, who is the co-owner of the winery.

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Chateau Clinet
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