Baron de Sigognac 10 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 1222 40% NV

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Distillery Chateau de Bordeneuve
Bottler Dràm Mòr
Bottled for
Distilled date Undisclosed
Bottling date 2023
Country France
Region Armagnac
Age 10
Cask Type
Cask Number 1222
Alcohol percentage 40
Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect
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Title: Exploring the Exquisite Baron de Sigognac Armagnac 10 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 1222

Armagnac, the pride of Gascony, holds a special place in the world of fine spirits. Among the exceptional offerings is the Baron de Sigognac Armagnac 10 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 1222, a truly remarkable expression bottled by the esteemed independent bottler, Dràm Mòr. Distilled in 2013 and bottled in 2023, this Armagnac showcases the perfect balance of craftsmanship and aging, delivering a sensory experience like no other. In this article, we will delve into the captivating qualities and tasting notes of this distinguished spirit.

Crafted with Care:
The Baron de Sigognac Armagnac 10 Years Old has been patiently matured in carefully selected oak casks, allowing it to develop its unique character and complexity. Each passing year has imparted the essence of the wood, resulting in a spirit of exceptional quality.

Tasting Notes:
The Baron de Sigognac Armagnac 10 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 1222 offers a symphony of flavors that epitomize the artistry of independent bottlers.

Nose: The aroma greets the senses with delicate notes of dried fruits, including apricots and figs, accompanied by hints of vanilla and subtle spices. The nose is both inviting and refined, hinting at the delights to come.

Taste: On the palate, this Armagnac delights with a harmonious fusion of flavors. Smooth caramel, roasted nuts, and dark chocolate create a luxurious and indulgent experience. Subtle undertones of dried apricots and spices add depth and intrigue.

Finish: The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a warm and lingering impression. Notes of oak, dried fruits, and a gentle touch of spices gradually fade, inviting contemplation and appreciation.

Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail:
Dràm Mòr, known for their expertise in selecting exceptional spirits, once again showcases their commitment to quality with the Baron de Sigognac Armagnac 10 Years Old. The dedication of the independent bottler to seek out and bottle only the finest spirits is evident in this expression.

The Baron de Sigognac Armagnac 10 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 1222 represents the pinnacle of elegance and refinement in the world of Armagnac. Its impeccable balance of flavors, refined aromas, and lingering finish make it a choice selection for discerning connoisseurs. With each sip, one is transported to the sun-drenched vineyards of Gascony, where this exceptional spirit was nurtured and matured.

Whether enjoyed neat or as a sophisticated addition to cocktails, the Baron de Sigognac Armagnac 10 Years Old is a testament to the art of distillation and the craftsmanship of independent bottlers like Dràm Mòr. Raise a glass and savor the opulence of this distinguished Armagnac, which offers a glimpse into the centuries-old tradition and rich heritage of the region.

Serge Valentin (82)

This a blend of three vintages. Sigognac is a rather old brand, part of the Bordeneuve group. Curious to see what some Scots would have done with an easy little armagnac such as a 10 yo à 40% vol… Colour: gold. Nose: it's light indeed, a little grassy, with some straw, hay, fruit peel, nicely grapy and stalky, without much oak influence. Touches of fresh mint. Rather the type of armagnac that they quaff as a long drink in the southwest of France. This translates, over there, to adding a small ice cube in a very large glass of said liquid. Mouth: fresh, easy, lively, with good liquorice, touches of aniseed, a curious pinch of salt and more grape skins, pips and stalk, as in a marc. Finish: medium, on rather grassy notes. Comments: so, where's that ice cube? One must say that we are really no longer accustomed to these very light alcohol levels, but it's pretty, pretty good for sure.

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