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The Hilt

Set on a vaulted landscape in California, The Hilt is a beautifully distinctive vineyard that has managed to set the late heights for its sublime wines.

The estate of The Hilt consists of three vineyards that differ in their climatic conditions and the type of soil on which the pigeon vines grow. Because the vineyards are at high altitudes, the vines are exposed to cold gusts of wind, naturally prolonging the ripening process and promoting the natural conversion of sugars in the grape. Radian and Bentrock are The Hilt's two largest vineyards, and the winery itself is based at the vineyard called Puerta del Mar. Three specific types of wine are produced here, namely Estate, The Vanguard and The Old Guard.

Radian is best recognised by its steep hills, gravelly soil type and the cold hard winds that sweep across the landscape. The vineyard consists of 40 acres of land equipped with 95% Pinot Noir and 5% Chardonnay vines and is situated 700 feet above sea level.

Bentrock is situated 500 feet above sea level and is distinguished from Radian by its flat landscape. This estate covers 92 hectares, the majority of which is covered Pinot Noir and a small part with Chardonnay.

The Bentrock vineyard grows grapes used to produce the Vanguard wines. And the last type of wine, called Estate, is produced with different grapes from different vineyards.

One of the most prized wines from this wine producer is The Hilt Pinot Noir Old Guard 2016, a layered and complex red wine with notes of pepper and forest fruits.

The Hilt is currently under the inspired leadership of (among others) manager Ruben Zolorzano, winemaker Matt Dees and assistant winemaker Drew Pickering.

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The Hilt
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