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Helen Keplinger grew up in Ohio in a family where everything revolved around food, wine, art, nature and travel. After graduating from Smith College, she completed the Master's programme in Enology at the University of California.

Helen was first recognised as "a winemaker to keep an eye on" by Wine Spectator in 2011. She was named 2012 Winemaker of the Year by Food & Wine Magazine and was honoured with the cover and a major article in Wine Spectator.

Helen has worked with renowned names within the wine world such as Heidi Barrett, Kathy Joseph, Michel Rolland and David Abreu. Her expertise extends to wineries such as Kenzo Estate, Fort Ross, Sarocka, Scully, Arrow & Branch, Carte Blance and Bryant Family Vineyards.

In 2004, Helen Keplinger founded: Cellers Melis in Priorat, Spain, after the purchase of a vineyard by a group of friends. For three years, she dove deep into the local culture, cuisine and wines, shuttling between Priorat and Napa Valley. Together with her husband DJ Warner, she explored southern France, Languedoc and the Rhone where they deepened their appreciation of regional wines.

Their passion for wine and the Mediterranean lifestyle led to a wine project Helen Keplingerin Napa Valley, focusing on Grenache and Syrah from California, sourced from vineyards that reach their full potential. With a profound love of wine and attention to detail, they focus on small batches of small wines, responding to the unique characteristics of each location and vintage. Their dedication to gentle winemaking results in wines that exude balance, complexity and authenticity, reflecting the essence of grape variety, terroir and origin. Helen Keplinger and her team have a clear vision of creating exceptional wines that earn them a remarkable position in the wine world.

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