Wines from Eisele Vineyards Estate

Eisele Vineyards Estate

The Eisele Vineyard was initially tended by the Wappo people, who were skilled in land conservation and gardening. The vineyard was originally planted in the 1880s with Zinfandel and Riesling, and the first Cabernet was planted in 1964. After passing through various owners, including Edward Turner Bale and viticulturist Jackson G. Randall, the vineyard was eventually purchased by Milton and Barbara Eisele, who began producing grape crops at an age of 60+. They sold the grapes to Paul Draper, who produced the Eisele wine in 1971, a Cabernet Sauvignon. That was the start of a series of fabulous Cabernets with exceptional aging potential and intense flavor that have been produced from the vineyard by winemakers such as Joseph Phelps and the Araujos.

The Araujos embraced the principles of organic and biodynamic farming, redesigned the properties lands and vineyards, and constructed the first winery. They also introduced a Syrah program and Sauvignon Blanc to the vineyard.When the current owners arrived in 2013, they were struck by the sheer quality of the wines and the signature of terroir. They continue to explore and deepen their understanding of the vineyard, making changes only to allow the terroir to become more prominent.

The 38-acre vineyard is located near Calistoga close to the Palisades Mountains. The vineyards are planted on well-drained cobbly soils.

Eisele produces a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Syrah, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Vignier wine. The flagship wine is the Altagracia Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine scored 100 Parker points in 2019.  

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Eisele Vineyards Estate

Wines from from Eisele Vineyards Estate

Altagracia Cabernet Sauvignon  |  Cabernet Sauvignon  |  Sauvignon Blanc  |  Syrah
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