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Chateau Musar

Established around 1930, in the Bekaa Valley in Ghazir in the northern area in Lebanon, Château Musar is the world’s most famous Lebanese producer of wine. One of the most regarded wines from Château Musar is the Château Musar Red, a blend made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Cinsaut vines. This red wine fulfils the role of market leader in Lebanon.

The Château Musar vineyards are planted with traditional Obaideh- and Merwah vines, in addition to Cinsaut-, Carignan- and Cabernet Sauvignon vines.

The château was founded by Gaston Hochar, a 20 year old young man who was inspired to establish his own winery during his trip around the Bordeaux district. As young as he was, Gaston Hochar already proved to have both a great nose and taste. In 1959 Gaston passed on his legacy to his son Serge, an engineer who was retrained as an oenologist at the University of Oenology in Bordeaux. Serge was the pupil of Émile Peynaud, a famous French wine maker and wine researcher. During his years at the University, Serge joined Château Musar in 1959 as a wine maker.

Overall, Serge worked approximately two decades to finetune and perfect the recipe for the Château Musar vintage. Years later, Serge’s sons Marc and Gaston joined the family firm. Marc is currently fulfilling the role of marketeer and Gaston took the responsibility as Château Musar’s General Manager. Gaston was even rewarded as ‘Man of the Year’ by Decanter Magazine (an international wine and lifestyle magazine) for his contribution to the production of excellent wines during the Civil War in Lebanon, which lasted from 1975 until 1990. Due to the appearance of Serge in Decanter magazine in 1979, Château Musar gained publicity at the general public, which mend a positive turnaround for Château Musar. 

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Chateau Musar

Wines from from Chateau Musar

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