VDN Rivesaltes Collection Cazes 1932 Domaine Cazes

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Domaine Cazes - VDN Rivesaltes Collection Cazes 1932
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Classification Cru Classe
Type Sweet
Brand Domaine Cazes
Vintage 1932
Country France
Region Rivesaltes
Volume 0,75
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect
Drinkable -2030
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Professionele reviews

BOW (9)

Parker (97)

The creme of the lineup, the 1932 VDN Rivesaltes Old Collection Ambre (100% Grenache Blanc aged 30 years in cask) is a monumental effort that makes your eyes roll back in your head and has you wondering why you don’t drink more of these. A borderline perfect dessert wine, it thrills on all accounts with fabulous aromas and flavors (toffee, cigar, cedar, sweet spice), full-bodied depth and richness, and yet no weight or heaviness whatsoever. It has serious acidity (and sugar) if you hunt for it, but everything is perfectly balanced, and it hangs on the palate until you either take another sip or do something to physically remove it. Find it if you can.

I had a fantastic, larger tasting with Lionel Lavail of Domaine Cazes, who is the director of all of the estate properties. We went through a number of the Domaine Cazes properties, and finished with an incredible lineup of older Rivesaltes. With regards to the dry reds and whites, they offer an impressive lineup, and excel at the value price points. The sweet wines were some of the most memorable of my trip through the region. We finished the tasting with two aged Muscats, both of which were bottled young and then aged in bottle. www.cazes-rivesaltes.com;

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