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Domaine Josph Roty

Domaine Joseph Roty is one of the oldest wineries in Burgundy. The renowned domain has been around since 1710 and is a true family business. Currently, the winery is run by Pierre-Jean, the eleventh generation of the Roty family.

The estate includes 17 hectares of vineyards. This area is divided into three different plots and are located in Marsannay and Gevrey-Chambertin. The family has always maintained the vineyards as naturally as possible. The use of pesticides and herbicides is therefore out of the question. This practice results in very healthy vines. Joseph Roty is not known for nothing for its old vines averaging 60 to up to 120 years old. The Charmes-Chambertin Tres Vieilles Vignes is the most remarkable vineyard. This plot was planted in 1881 and still consists of the original vines. The yield per hectare is quite low, averaging 32 hl/ha. Pinot noir is what Joseph Roty is all about, but there is also a small amount of chardonnay and aligoté planted.

The initial selection of grape bunches takes place in the vineyard. Once in the cellar, the bunches brought in are once again selected for quality at the sorting table. The stalks are then removed and fermentation starts. All wines are raised in oak barrels. The proportion of new wood varies per cuvée and vintage. For the crus, it is usually between 80 and 100 per cent. The Charmes-Chambertin Tres Vieilles Vignes is the domain's top cuvée. The style is powerful combined with high fruit intensity. Joseph Roty's wines are considered among the best in Burgundy and are regularly rewarded with high scores. Some of Domaine Joseph Roty's finest vintages include: 1999, 2005, 2016, 2019 and 2020.

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Domaine Joseph Roty
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