Wines from Fevre, William

Fevre, William

In 1959, William Fèvre started his first harvest in the Chablis. William comes from a family that has lived in this region for over 200 years. So, it is not surprising that he chose to work here as a winemaker.

William Fèvre started with 7 hectares, but over the years this grew to the current area of 78 hectares. This makes him one of the largest landowners in the region. Of this property, 15.9 hectares are classified as premier cru and 15.2 hectares as grand cru. The grand cru vineyards are: Les Bougerots, Les Preuses, Vaudésir, Les Grenouilles, Valmus, Le Clos and Blanchot. The plots of Fourchaume, Montée de Tonnerre, Mont de Mileu and Vaucoupin are classified as premier cru.

The vineyards are characterized by steep, rocky slopes. The soil consists of a combination of marl and lime, which together form the unique Kimmeridge soil. This special soil gives the wines from the Chablis a lot of freshness and minerality. In order to grow the grapes in the most natural environment possible, the vineyards are grown organically.

At Domaine William Fèvre, the work is carried out with great care, in order to give each wine its own character. That is why expressing the terroir is at the heart of the operation. In the cellar, old barrels with an average age of six years are used, so that the wine has minimal wood influences. The vinification is aimed at making clean and pure wines. In addition, premier and grand cru cuvées undergo a sur lie maturation for an average of six months.

The premier and grand cru cuvée have a pure bouquet of white flowers, citrus, minerality and more. The Les Preuses and Bougros are one of William Fèvre's most important grand crus. These wines benefit from several years of bottle aging. After around five years, the premier and grand crus really show their magnificent character. Of recent vintages, 2014, 2016 and 2017 are absolute top years!

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