Wines from Chateau Duhart Milon

Chateau Duhart Milon

Located in the Pauillac appellation in Bordeaux, Château Duhart-Milon (previously known as Duhart-Milon-Rothschild) is rewarded as a “4eme Cru Classé” (fourth growth ) according to the 1855 Bordeaux Classification. One of the most regarded Bordeaux wines deriving from this winery is the Château Duhart-Milon 2009, a beautiful full-bodied red wine with hints of liquorice and cassis and scents of cedar and wood.

Château Duhart-Milon is owned by the neighbouring, much regarded Lafite Rothschild. Both wineries still share the same management and winemaking operations, including Oenologist Christophe Congé and Manager Louis Caillard. In addition to Château Duhart-Milon, Lafite Rothschild also owns Château Rieusecc and Château L’Évangile.

The estate of Château Duhart-Milon is situated on the west of the Lafite Rothschild property. The vineyard consists from approximately 75 hectares of land, which is provided with both Merlot (33%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (67%) vines, flourishing on a soil mix of gravel and Aeolian sand on limestone. Château Duhart-Milon alsof produces a second wine named Moulin de Duhart. Altogether, the château’s annual production capacity is around 30.000 cases.

The history of Château Duhart-Milon can be traced back until the early 18th century, when the Pauillac district’s grape production was expanded commissioned by the owners of Château Lafite (currently known as Lafite Rothschild). During that time period the owner of Lafite was Marquis Nicolas Alexandre de Ségur (also known as “The Wine Prince”), who led the Lafite brand to the next level of success. The Milon wines were already known for their outstanding quality, and became acquired by the Lafite brand in order to provide for the company’s expansion. Around the 1830’s the Castéja family inherited the Duhart-Milon vineyard, which was then a 40 hectares property. The winery remained family-owned for approximately a century. In 1937 the estate was sold and changed ownership multiple times, until it was acquired by Lafite Rothschild in 1962.

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Chateau Duhart Milon

Wines from from Chateau Duhart Milon

Chateau Duhart Milon
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