Wines from Chateau Charmail

Chateau Charmail

Charmail is located next to and in the neighbourhood of the Gironde river, which provides a favorable microclimate with milder temperatures and protection from harsh winter frosts that can be detrimental to the vineyard. Domaine Andron is located opposite of Charmail and Sociando Mallet's vineyards are next to Charmail's vineyards.

The estate benefits from a topographical advantage with its hilly terrain and southern exposure, enabling the grapes to ripen fully. The light wind ensures regular aeration of the foliage and berries, contributing to the vine's health.

The soil is predominantly clayey gravel, sandy gravel, and colluvium, giving Charmail's wines a unique balance between finesse and elegance and strength and power.

To enhance the terroir, the estate has replanted six new hectares and is integrating neighboring terroirs. With an increased percentage of Petit Verdot, the wine boasts rare spicy notes, making it stand out from other Haut Médoc wines dominated by Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Charmail is committed to preserving their precious terroir and progressing towards an eco-friendly approach. They employ cultivation practices such as decavaillage, buttage, and griffage to help the plant root deeply and reduce water stress. They also avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides and have planted six kilometers of hedges to encourage the ecosystem around the vineyard. 

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Chateau Charmail
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