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Chateau Coutet

Château Coutet draws its inspiration from the rich tapestry of history that weaves together the elements of the past as well as the unique terroir that forms a golden triangle, embracing the ocean, river, and forest, with the Ciron River meandering through its heart. This extraordinary terroir imparts a distinct vivacity and a finely honed character to Château Coutet's wines, perhaps lending credence to its very name, which finds its origins in the French word for knife, "couteau."

Charles Le Guérin, commonly known as the Lord of Coutet, planted the vineyard as one of the earliest in the Sauternes region in 1643, beginning the history of Château Coutet's winemaking. Prior to the French Revolution, in 1788, Gabriel-Barthelemy Romain de Filhot purchased Château Coutet, keeping the land in his family. The largest producer of sweet white wine in the world at the time was Marquis Romain-Bertrand de Lur-Saluces, his grandson and proprietor of illustrious châteaux including d'Yquem, de Fargues, Filhot, and de Malle. Château Coutet was first built as a fortress and continues to display elements of its medieval construction. The courtyard's central square tower, with its guarding battlements, continues to serve as a symbol of that era's military architecture. In 1855 Château Coutet earned the prestigious recognition of being a Classified First Growth in the esteemed classification. However, the roots of vine cultivation in the chilly lands of Barsac, one of the coldest regions in the area, reach back for centuries. At the heart of Château Coutet lies the coolness of the soil, a quality expressed through the vines, which yield a rich and vibrant wine. Early in its development, this wine reveals aromatic notes of white blossoms, citrus fruits, honey, and vanilla.

Up until the 1920s, Château Coutet was managed by the family. The Baly family, inspired by the grand history of the Sauternes and Barsac appellations, gives their winemaking endeavours a worldwide perspective. Aline Baly, the third generation to join the family business, has played an integral role since 1977. Their collective experiences in various industries and regions around the world have endowed them with a distinctive approach to understanding vines and wines. Through close cooperation with Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA, they revived the vineyard, updated the buildings, and brought the estate into an era of cutting-edge technical know-how. In a new era, the Baly family ventured into the land of Barsac, far from their Alsace stronghold. Marcel Baly initiated this bold endeavour, investing in the world of winemaking despite limited prior experience.

Château Coutet's wines are highly rated by professional reviewers like Wine Spectator and Robert Parker. The special cuvee Chateau Coutet Cuvee Madama 2009 scored 100 points and is celebrated as extraordinary, delivering the most remarkable combination of alcohol and acidity levels. This exceptional harvest yielded a meticulously balanced blend of Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadelle, crafting a wine that stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of the Baly family.

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Chateau Coutet

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