Nucano Mezcal Nucano Cuishe Joven 100% Agave 46.4% NV

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Distillery Nucano
Distillery Don Carlos
Bottler OB
Serie Mezcal Nucano Cuishe Joven Agave
Bottled for X
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 03.2018
Country Mexico
Region San Dionisio Ocotepec
Age X
Cask Type White Oak Barrels
Cask Number NJC03-18
Alcohol percentage 46.4
Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect

Mezcal Nucano a 100% artisanal mezcal from the San Dionisio Ocotepec region of the state of Oaxaca.

The term “mezcal” originates from Mexcalli Náhuatl (“metl” maguey, “ixcalli” cooked) and means cooked maguey.

Mezcal Nucano provides the customer with an AUTHENTIC ARTISANAL MEZCAL, product of working the land in its purest and most TRADITIONAL form and available thanks to the efforts of MEN OF THE FIELD.

This UNIQUE, high QUALITY mezcal contains CULTURE and TRADITION in each bottle, aiming to connect each of its customers with the origin of this ancestral drinking, and putting a little piece of Oaxaca in their hands.
Nucano (Great Fire) was an important character in the history of Oaxaca, a brave Mixtec warrior who fell in love with the Zapotec Princess Donají, and who, in the name of that love, sought to bring peace to the two nations.

Nucano governed the Zapotecs, and did so with nobility and respect, as his beloved Donají would have done. According to the legend, their bodies lie under a flagstone in the Cuilapam de Guerrero church in Oaxaca.

Mezcal Nucano, proudly Oaxacan!

A joven (unaged) mezcal, produced in small batches from fully mature, eight-year-old Espadín agaves, which are harvested by hand. The agaves are roasted in a conical stone oven; the spirit is distilled in a copper still.

Nucano - Mezcal Nucano Cuishe Joven 100% Agave 46.4% NV

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