Delamain Pléiade Grande Champagne Malaville Collection Revelation Cask 706-03 45% NV

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Distillery Delamain
Bottler OB
Serie Pléiade Malaville Collection Revelation
Bottled for
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 04.2022
Country France
Region Cognac
Cask Type French Oak cask
Cask Number 706-03
Alcohol percentage 45
Volume 0,70
Condition In original container
Label Perfect
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BOW (89)

Treasures of
Grande Champagne
The Delamain “Pléiade” is a cluster of some of our most extraordinary cognacs; gems from across our cellars that have particular merit. Given their rarity, individuality and unblended nature, these are stars which naturally shine outside of our fixed product range. A journey into truly exceptional cognacs.

For the Connoisseur
and Explorer
The Pléaide range is designed to appeal to a new generation of informed and exploring spirits drinkers who are on the lookout for rare and unusual offerings with a compelling history behind the product.

Our aim with Pléiade is to build an honest and lasting relationship upon which a cognac drinker can confidently move to quite different offerings within this exceptional range.

Each collection will be supplemented with new series, according to the availability of each collection.

The cognac explorer will therefore discover the unlimited richness of cognac with one or more collections.

A Personal
Over a 40 year career as Delamain’s Cellar Master, Dominique Touteau has become intimately attached to and deeply knowledgeable about Delamain’s special eaux-de-vie. They are in many ways his life’s work and stand amongst his proudest achievements. He and they have shared a life and in a sense are one.

Through the Pléiade collection he has chosen to share his intimate understanding of these eaux-de-vie with you; their origins, their cellar journeys, their personalities and their individual stories.


Originating from a single harvest, or a single vineyard, and a single cask – thus unblended, but also slowly and patiently reduced, with no sweetener or added colouring, these cognacs are offered in their purest expression.
Produced in limited series, Pleiade is composed of 3 collections, defined by age.

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