Wines from Calera


The vineyards of Calera are located 650 meters above sea level along the Monterery Bay and near the Gavilan Mountains and Mount Harlan. The altitude and the cool sea breeze temper the heat. These vineyards are among the coolest and highest vineyards in California.

Josh Jensen, founder of Calera winery, had prevision when he was one of the first to work with Pinot Noir. He was inspired by the great wineries from Burgundy. Josh started his search for suitable places in California to plant Pinot Noir. That search lasted almost two years, because he was looking for limestone soils. These soils guarantee good Burgundy wines. After a long search, he found his ideal spot on the Central Coast. The name Calera comes from the Spanish name for limestone kiln. This kiln now symbolizes the winery and the quest. The kiln is depicted on the label of each wine.

Over the years, several other grape varieties have been planted, such as Viognier, Chardonnay and Aligoté. As in Burgundy, it is tradition to give each plot and terroir a different name.

In the growing season it can be very dry, which means that less pesticides are needed. The drought means that there is hardly any chance of mold or rot. Several Calera vineyards have been certified as California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) for a few years now.

All red wines are aged in French oak barrels. The proportion of new wood and the maturation period vary per year and per cuvée. In almost all white wines, there is a malolactic conversion. In addition, wood aging is used, but the duration also varies per wine. The use of wood is in proportion, so it is never over the top. The quality of Calera is exceptional! The title Pinot Pioneer fits Josh Jensen perfectly!

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