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René Gabriel is considered the most influential wine critic in German-speaking countries. He was a longtime purchasing manager at Mövenpick Wein, and co-founded and authored WeinWisser. Today he is an active wine pensioner.

From a kitchen internship to wine pope ...
René Gabriel was born in 1957 in Nidwalden, Swiss. Already at the age of 16, he chose for the culinary art. He completed his internship as a chef at the Hotel Gütsch in Lucerne.

After this internship, Gabriel was not so sure about the direction he should give to his life, so for several years he hopped between cooking stations and performances with his music band.

But in 1986, the gastronomic decision came: He took over the Hotel Kreuz in Sempach (canton of Lucerne). There he made 13 Gault Millaupoints at this traditional taverin and presented a wine list of more than 1000 positions, which was famous around the world.

Ueli Prager, the founder of Mövenpick, became aware of him - and hired him in 1990 as head of purchasing and Head of Product Manager. At the same time Gabriel activated the then sleepy ADV Académie du Vin There, the proven wine connoisseur lectured for many years at specialized courses and still organizes wine tours to the Bordeaux, which he accompanied personally as a tour guide.
In 1990 he wrote his first book under the title "Bordeaux à Jour". In 1992, he and some friends launched the now successful monthly newsletter WeinWisser

Between 1994 and 2004, 4 more books followed, now under the brand "Bordeaux Total". In 2005, René Gabriel left the scepter as Mövenpick's purchasing manager after 15 years and transferred his job to a consulting job.

In the same year (2005) he founded the event company Weingabriel GmbH

A handy pocket guide with ratings from 1982 to 2005 appeared in 2006.

In 2007, all partners sold the company shares of WeinWisser to the Konradin publishing house. Gabriel continued to work as a consultant and author ...

An entertaining book by René Gabriel entitled "Wine Stories" was launched in 2008. In the autumn of 2009, the successful book "Wine stories" was also released as a CD.

In the spring of 2010, René Gabriel and a partner launched a high-quality universal glass for all wines / grape varieties. The promising "Gabriel Glas" is produced and marketed under the same name Gabriel-Glas GmbH. Information can be found at:

In 2014, he took over the share package from his partner and is now the sole owner of Gabriel-Glas GmbH in Hallein (A). In the same year together with his wife Karin Gabriel founded the Gabriel-Glas (Switzerland) GmbH. This company exclusively distributes Gabriel Glas for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

With the launch of his new web portal in 2013, the Gabriel readers got constant access to 60'000 wine notes and ratings. Here are also tasting reports documented in PDF.

In mid-2015, his new book was. The WEINBIBEL is 1000 pages thick and more than three kilograms heavy. Of this book more than 10'000 copies were sold ...

At the end of 2016, the Mövenpick era (after 27 years) came to an end, and René Gabriel also retired from WeinWisser (after 25 years). On the one hand, Gabriel wants to step down a bit, but also concentrate more on his own companies. Perhaps one can also speak of a change from "Bordeaux pope" to "pleasure apostle".

The portal will be continued in 2017 and supplemented with wine tasting notes by André Kunz. Thus, the fund of valuations increases from around 60,000 to 120,000 notes. The Bordeaux vintage 2016 was also determined and evaluated by André Kunz.

Rene Gabriel recently released a new book: the title "GOLDEN NASE". With memoirs, stories and thoughts ...

For the love of wine ...
Critical, versatile but very humorous is his current approach to wine. Gabriel himself is often hired as a presenter of wine events, is known for his radio interviews and his numerous television appearances throughout the German-speaking countries and is highly appreciated by wine connoisseurs as well as beginners, because he understands his tremendous expertise informative and entertaining to explain, so a Wine tasting with the "Bordeaux Pope" is not a non-academic instruction, but a comprehensive experience and staged wine in its most beautiful form. And with all his knowledge, René Gabriel always communicates one thing very clearly: the essential thing is the love of wine!

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