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The Veneto area is is known as one of Italy's most stunning locations, including the Grand Canal, the Venetian islands, and of course, the magnificent city of Venice. However, Veneto also stands out in the world of wine, due to its substantial production of Pinot Grigio, the remarkable surge in demand for Prosecco and typical region wines like Amarone. And for its high quality wines from producers like Quintarelli en Dal Forno. These factors underscore the regions and historical significance within the wine industry.

With the Alps on the north, the west bordered by Lake Garda, and the southeast enclosed by the Adriatic Sea, this region's microclimates offer a large diversity of grape varieties and winemaking styles, adding the best to the portfolio of Italian wines.

Veneto, Verona, Vicenza, Valpolicella, mark Veneto's prominent wine presence in the 21st century. The province of Verona serves as the wine centre of the Veneto. However, not only Verona but also Treviso is important for wine production, collectively contributing three-quarters of the total output. Some of the most known venetian wines are for example Amarone, Soave, Bardolino, and prosecco.

Geographically, Veento produces whites in the northwest, exclusive wines in central areas, and Prosecco in the northeast. It offers a diverse wine portfolio, with over 25% holding DOC/DOCG titles.

Suppliers in Veneto

Bertani  |  De Stefani  |  Ernesto Ruffo  |  Gravner  |  Le Ragose  |  Michele Castellani  |  Monte dei Ragni  |  Quintarelli  |  Tedeschi  |  Tenuta San Antonio  |  Tommasi  |  Vini Tonon  |  Zenato  |  Zyme
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The grapes of wines from Veneto

Veneto is renowned for its diverse wines and grape varieties. Some examples are:

Garganega, a white grape variety, thrives in hills of Gambellara and Soave. Wines crafted from Garganega have, amongst others, a dry, crisp profile with hints of honey, tropical fruit and sweet spices.

Corvina. A very popular grape for red wines. It is the main red grape used in blends, joining Rondinella and Molinara to create Valpolicella and Bardolino.

Merlot. This blue grape grows well in many different parts of Veneto, including as Breganze, Vicenza, Colli Euganei, and Colli Berici. This shows how adaptable the grape is in the region.


The classifications of wines from Veneto

Veneto has the second-highest count of DOCGs and DOCs, a testament to its prominence. Some examples of DOC's are:

  • Valpolicella DOC and Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG are renowned for its red wines (produced from Corvina).
  • Bardolino DOC is known for its rosé and red wines.
  • Soave DOC is known for its Garganega
  • Lugana DOC, nestled on Lake Garda's southern shores, features Trebbiano in its white wine offerings.

Some examples of DOCG's are:

  • Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, known for its Prosecco wines.
  • Cartizze DOCG.

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