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Cesare Bussolo

Cesare Bussolo's vineyards are scattered in the Piedmont region. Cesare Bussolo was born and raised in the village of La Morra, the beating heart of the Barolo. Since his childhood, he has been in contact with wine, so an education at the Alba Wine School was a logical choice.

After gaining sufficient experience at various wineries, Cesare started his own journey as a winemaker in 2009. He bought a 90-year-old vineyard in the municipality of Cuneo, located in Piedmont. One year later, he planted the vineyard with new vines with a very high density, about 8,000 vines per hectare. The vineyards are organically farmed and harvested by hand. Nebbiolo and Barbera are the only grape varieties for his production of beautiful Piemonte wines.

In the wine cellar, fermentation develops through natural yeasts, which takes place in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then transferred to oak barrels for further maturation. The wines are produced in the wine cellar of Roberto Voerzio, also a top producer from Barolo. Cesare still sees Robert as his mentor, as the person who taught him a lot.

The grand cru of the winery is the Barolo Fossati. The Nebbiolo grapes come from a vineyard that is located south of the village of La Morra. The plot is located at an altitude of 330 meters and the soil is characterized by stone and clay.

Each bottle has a beautiful label with an illustration of a typical sommelier or wine lover. Despite the fact that Cesare has only released a few vintages, he already belongs to the top of Piemonte.

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Cesare Bussolo

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