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Aldo Conterno

The wine estate Aldo Conterno is located in Bussia of Monforte d'Alba, at the heart of the Barolo wine area.

Aldo Conterno's ancestors immigrated to South America (Argentina) in the 19th century, but they went back to Italy due to family circumstances. Back in Monforte d'Alba, Giuseppe Conterno started producing local wine, assisted by his son Giovanni. He increased wine production for sale in Italy and America. Market demand led them to create Barolo, which but would of outstanding quality and surpassing every other barolo, exclusively produced from the best vintages, which could mature for a long time. This first Barolo riserva was bottled in the 1920s.
In the late 1930s, his son Giacomo, took over the estate and continued the family's tradition. Giacomo's sons, Giovanni and Aldo, assisted him. Aldo left for America in 1950 with the goal of establishing his own winery. After returning home, Giacomo’s sons took over the complete business in 1961.

Aldo's experience in America (which lasted 5 years) ignited the wish to start his own business, leading him to purchase the "FAVOT" winery and establish the "PODERI ALDO CONTERNO" estate in 1969. At this moment, Aldo's three sons, Franco, Stefano, and Giacomo, run the winery and continue the family's tradition.
Poderi Aldo Conterno vinifies only the grapes that come from its own vineyards, the vineyards measure a total of 25 hectares. The soil, at an altitude of around 400 meters, is situated at the South and South - West and is made of clay, limestone and sand.
Yields are very low with a production of around 80.000 bottles per year.
Harvest is done manually with a very strict selection of the grapes. As the the family tradition dictates, the red wines are never filtered or clarified.

The flagship wine is the Granbussia., which is highly rated by wine journalists and winelovers. It originates from the finest Bussia vineyards situated in Monforte d'Alba, the prized core of the Barolo region.

Granbussia is made from a blend of three different historical Bussia crus: the Romirasco, Cicala, and Colonnello vineyards. The wine is aged (30 months+) and refined for a another six years. Only in the beste years this wine, which represents the best Bussia is produced.

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Aldo Conterno
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