Wines from Delas


In 1835, Charles Audibert and Philippe Delas bought a large estate in Tournon-sur-Rhône. This estate was named Audibert et Delas. Almost 100 years after its foundation, the winery was taken over by Henri and Florentin Delas. They changed the name to Delas Frères. Henri and Florentin expanded the family estate by acquiring vineyards in Hermitage and Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Since 1993, the winery, together with Champagne Deutz, has become part of the Roederer Group.
Delas Frères does retain its own identity. The administrative and financial departments of Champagne Deutz and Delas Frères have been merged at Deutz's headquarters in Aÿ. In 2015, Deutz-Delas Group bought a new estate in Tain l'Hermitage to celebrate Delas Frères’ 180th anniversary.

The winery itself owns a total of 30 hectares of vineyards, of which 18 hectares in Crozes-Hermitage, 10 hectares in Hermitage and 2 hectares in Saint-Joseph. The winery also works closely together with various winegrowers, in order to buy grapes from them. These winegrowers grow their grapes in Côte Rôtie, Cornas, Condrieu and Châteauneuf-du-Pape

In order to let the terroir shine through even more in each wine, a major renovation has taken place in the cellar. The stainless steel tanks have made way for 85 hl concrete drums. In addition, gravity is now used. The wine is therefore no longer pumped over or handled roughly, which is beneficial for the intensity of the wine. The large foudres have also been replaced by 600 Burgundian barrels from world-famous coopers from France.

The winery produces an extensive range of wines, from an entry-level wine to an absolute top cuvée.
The red wines are powerful with distinctive notes of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. The aging time in wood varies per wine and per year. The white wines are made from Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne. For almost two centuries, Delas Frères has been able to win over a large audience with their exceptional quality!

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