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Petit & Bajan

In the heart of the Cote de Blancs, where Chardonnay is king and the hills are white from chalk, you find the combined effort from Richard Petit and Veronique Petit(-Bajan). Together they produce a champagne from two of the most beautiful Grand Cru terroirs in Champagne, Avize from Côte des Blancs and Verzenay from Montagne de Reims. After finetuning every aspect of their wines and filling in all the minor details down to the type of bottle they were going to use, 2008 marks the launch for their first champagne under their own label, Petit & Bajan.

Avize is found in the centrum of the Côte des Blancs and is responsible for some of the best champagnes in the world. Because of its position on top of the hill, you have a very direct contact between the vines and the chalk grounds that Champagne is known for. Many agree that the champagnes from this area are the grand example for the whole Côte des Blancs, and when trying them there is little wonder about why Côte des Blancs was once called Côte d’Avize.

Verzenay offers a completely different terroir, and also has a Grand Cru status. The vines from Verzenay are mainly focussed on the production of Pinot Noir, with just small amounts of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. Verzenay can be found on the Grande Montagne de Reims, the Easter part of the Montagne de Reims where some of the best Champagnes are made. Aside Verzenay you also find the Grand Cru Millieux of Ambonnay and Bouzy in this part of Champagne.

With having both Grand Cru vineyards in the Côte des Blancs and Montagne de Reims, Petit & Bajan is able to produce a stunning Grand Cru champagne. Their range contains four different Grand Cru champagnes, a Chardonnay & Pinot Noir, a Blanc des Blancs, a Blanc des Noirs and a Rosé.

The bottles from Petit & Bajan are carefully designed to be classic. They represent the classic style of champagne bottles, thicker glass which is shorter and wider with a deep soul. The bottles are a poetic representation of their champagne style: classic with a keen eye for detail.

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