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The Grumier family has been growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Venteuil since 1743. It wasn’t until 1928, however, that Armand Grumier started to produce the first Champagne. His son, Maurice Grumier continued this after returning from the war, and started expending, investing on quality and really building the Maurice Grumier brand.

The estate is currently run by Fabien Grumier and his wife, Hélène. They took over in 2006, and started investing more and more into the quality of their wines. A Solera system was introduced in 2004, containing one-third of each Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Another example of the improvements is that the wines are now fermented separately. Fabien decides for every separate cuvee if a malolactic fermentation is required depending on the vintage.

Champagne Maurice Grumier owns 4 hectares in Venteuil of which 50% has been planted with Chardonnay and 50% with Pinot Noir. He also produces a single vineyard cuvée called Les Plates Pierres from here, which is only released as Millésimé. Besides the plots in Venteuil he also grows Meunier in Dormans (2.5 hectares), Festigny (1 hectare) and some smaller plots in Nesle-le-Repons, Reuil and Balieux-sous-Châtillon.

The fact that Fabien has been improving the work of his ancestors is very clear. Gerhard Eichelman, one of the authorities when it comes to Champagne, writes the following about Maurice Grumier’s Champagne: “Maurice Grumier Champagnes have gained complexity over the last few years, becoming more powerful and precise, with a clear signature. (…) The entry level is high; the Blanc de Noirs, Blanc de Blancs and Perpétuelle Réserve are very reliable, while the Instant Nature is pure and grippy. The single-vineyard champagnes are especially exciting, as are the enormously powerful Les Plates Pierres

With Maurice Grumier you’ll be insured to have some of the best the Vallée de la Marne has to offer, and this certainly is a champagne to keep an eye out for. The improvements are continuing, and the champagne is getting better every year.

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