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Emilien Feneuil

The young winegrower Emilien Feneuil, from the village of Sermiers in the Montagne de Reims, has been practicing organic farming and biodynamic vinification since 2006. Emilien Feneuil now has organic certification, but he goes much further than that and also makes his own biodynamic preparations and encourages as much biodiversity as possible.
He previously sold all his grapes to Champagne Leclerc-Briant. Only in 2015 did Emilien Feneuil start making his own champagnes. 2015 is his ‘maiden vintage’.

He owns 6 acres of vineyard around Sermiers, in the Montagne de Reims. There are mainly classic grapes in his vineyards; pinot meunier, chardonnay and pinot noir, but also an almost forgotten local grape in the Champagne region: petit meslier!

He made his first vintage, 2015, in the cellars of befriended winemakers Aurelien Lurquin and Clement Perseval. After the 2020 harvest, he purchased his own wine press.

He presses his grapes - very slowly - with an old-fashioned press, lets the must ferment spontaneously and lets the wines rest for about a year before they are bottled for the second fermentation in the bottle. With as little sulphite as possible and low doses, Feneuil makes unique, exciting and expressive champagnes. His champagnes benefit from decantation and we recommend serving them in large wine glasses to let the wine come to its fullest potential.

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Wines from from Emilien Feneuil

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