Wines from Domaine Jean-Marc Millot

Domaine Jean-Marc Millot

Alix Millot arrived in 2014 at the estate and began making wine in 2016, upholding the family's respect for terroir.

The vineyards are cultivated using organic methods, and the fermentation process occurs without any extractions or artificial inputs. Alix and her father are dedicated to preserving the unique character of each "climat." The wine is made using only natural yeasts found in the grapes, and secondary fermentation and aging take place in oak barrels.

The domaine produces 4 Grand Crus, 1 premier cru, 5 village wines and 3 negociant wines.

The estate also produces a range of natural wines, including sulfur-free cuvées vinified with whole grapes such as Aligoté, Côte de Nuits "Le Vaucrain," and Passetoutgrain "Les Autrots." These wines, once relatively unknown, have now gained widespread recognition.

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Domaine Jean-Marc Millot
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