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Domaine de Courcel

The Domaine de Courcel, situated in the town of Pommard, is a family-owned winery which dates back to the 17th century and is currently operated by Anne Bommelaer and Marie de Courcel. The estate spans over approximately 10.5 hectares and is planted on the southern slopes of Beaune.

The Domaine produces mainly "Premier Crus". The Domaine's vineyard includes appellations such as Le Grand Clos des Epenots, Les Croix Noires, Les Frémiers, Les Rugiens.

In addition to the Premier Crus, the Domaine produces a a Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Pommard Vaumuriens and a Bourgogne Chardonnay. The annual production is limited to approximately 30,000 bottles.

Domaine de Courcel combines traditional and modern methods for vineyard management and the production of wine. The estate plows the soil to promote biological activity, thus enabling the vines to better absorb the minerals of the soil and penetrate deeper. This increases the signaturen of terroir in the wine. Harvesting done manually and relatively late to increase the sugar within the grapes.

Wine-making takes place over a month. The grapes are very carefully selected and followed by cold maceration and low-temperature fermentation to extract the wine's aromas in an optimal way. Maturing of the wine takes place in oak barrels (33% new) for approximately 21-23 months. After racking (“sous-tirage”), the wines are bottled without fining or filtering.

The wines of Domaine Courcel can age very well, the Pommard 1er cru Epenots 1990 is still a remarkably well drinkable and mature wine. Wine journalists and wine lovers worldwide do appreciate the wines highly.

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Domaine de Courcel

Wines from from Domaine de Courcel

Pommard Grand Clos des Epenots  |  Pommard Les Rugiens  |  Pommard Les Vaumuriens
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