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25 Years Old The Duchess Shieldmaiden Malin Cask:649 49,8% 1991;

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Distillery Ardbeg
Bottler The Duchess
Serie Shieldmaidens
Bottled for The Duchess
Distilled date 1991
Bottling date 08.2016
Country Scotland
Region Islay
Age 25
Cask Type Bourbon Cask
Cask Number 649
Alcohol percentage 49.8
Volume 0,70
Condition IN OC
Stock 95
  • BOW
  • Serge Valentin 90
  • Gal Granov 91
  • BOW 90
The Duchess is our independent bottle trademark brand for all our future single cask bottles that will be consecutively released for bestofwhiskies.com. Within the Dutchess range, The Shieldmaiden series will be the first to see the lights of day in winter of 2016.

This first release is a 25 years old Ardbeg named Malin. The Scandinavian name means ‘small warrior’. But by no means this “Malin Ardbeg” can be classified as ‘small’, because what a feisty warrior she is.

Initially, a thick layer of fudgy peat smoke masks all complexity in the glass. A little time in the glass reveals her delicate balance between peat smoke and fruitiness. Nice hints of vanilla, fudge and creamy white fruits like pear and banana in combination with lapsang souchong smoked tea. If the vintage 17 years bottle old Ardbeg is your thing, this dram will please you to the fullest extent…the nose develops into nice earthy tones and lapsang tea.

The spiciness needs to be tamed in this little warrior. Give it a second. Hints of earthiness, cinnamon and again, the lapsang souchong smoked tea developing into whipped cream and pears. The peat smoke is now nicely present but a little more tame now. A perfect balance between a gentle peat smoke and fruity sweetness. So well balanced….just outstanding and spot on.

An very refined yet developing finish of earthy tones and lapsang smoked tea into licorice and 5 spice. Hints of marmalade in the background. The balance between the earlier mentioned fruity sweetness and peat smoke lingers, providing a long developing finish with tones of wood that shows you Malin’s old yet gentle true nature.

A very complex and balanced whisky, it simply doesn’t get any better than this. Spot on. It needs a moment to show its true character, both in the glass and on the palate, but after that…What an outstanding dram!
90/100 points