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Lagavulin 23 Years Old Single Cask 5745 Botteling For Boyao Zhao 55.7% 1992

Lagavulin - 23 Years Old Single Cask 5745 Botteling For Boyao Zhao 55.7%
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Serie Single Cask Bottling
Bottled for Boyao Zhao
Distilled date 1992
Bottling date 30.03.2016
Country Scotland


Age 23
Cask Type Bodega Sherry European Oak Cask
Cask Number 5745
Alcohol percentage 55.7
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Container
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BOW (96)

Lagavulin 1992 single cask 5745:
By Boyao Zhao

Nose: wonderful peat with smokiness triggers the splendid ocean scent, some tobacco and a little bit roasted hazelnuts; a little plasticine feeling along with orange and honey; pecan and bacon, also some grapefruit, then raisins, chestnut and chocolate along with a bit citrus and hint of juicy apple, grilled cucumber with sea salt, some preserved fruits, mocha, cinnamon as well as a wee whiff of aniseed and some warm peppery touch. Fabulous nosing palate! complex and elegant, it constantly changes, you gotta be patient and give this one some more time.

Mouth: peat with toffee and sweet lime as an intro, some Earl Grey and a wee tad syrup follows, then circulates grilled meat and meaty zest congee; liquorice, black pepper with some nutty and creamy feeling, a wee bit oyster, juiced peach with Charcoal Coffee and plum jam, hazelnut chocolate, apple juice together with some pepper mint and cinnamon spice, also some aniseed and fantastic sea salt here. An excellent dram which is perfectly balanced and clearly constructed.

Finish: smoky, peaty with splendid fruitiness; cocoa and warm spice start to fade away, however the Lagavulin characters remain and give you a warm hug.

This complex dram is constantly changing that keeps you want it more and more. The peat head gathers various flavours move towards you, wave over you. No wonder, it’s a grand whisky! with its extraordinary performance and typical Lagavulin symbols.That is what I want!

BOW (93)

Nose: definitely nicer than the 21yo. Brighter, more citrusy, with more orange peel and grapefruits. Slightly sharper, more coastal elements too. Sea shells, oysters, beach fires. There’s also a good dose of mint and camphor. Ferns. Some herbal infusion. Very elegant. Fresh leather. Hints of grapefruits and shoe polish. Very complex, perfectly clean (I still have some issues with the first 21yo), in a way more towards a Brora, parly because the sherry is very discreet in this Lagavulin. Mouth: again a very minimal sherry influence, but that’s not a downside. It’s great, rather naked, with the certain beautiful austerity of camphor, salty smoke and a gently bitter medicinal side. Lemon peel, Seville orange, just a hint of dark chocolate. Then back to mineral notes and leafy notes. Tobacco. Liquorice. Finish: long, on cold ashes, liquorice and spices, with the lightest hint of roasted coffee beans.
The nose of this Lagavulin is superb: it’s aromatic, elegant, with all the classic elements in the right amounts. On the palate, it becomes sharper and more mineral – I was hoping for a bit more sherried fruitiness maybe – but it’s still a cracker, better than the 21yo and perhaps closer to the Feis Ile 2015. This was a private bottling, an investment maybe but at least it seems to be a whisky lover. Many, many thanks for the sample, Chihming!

4.5 stars - 2 professional reviews
23 Years Old Single Cask 5745 Botteling For Boyao Zhao 55.7% - Lagavulin


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