Karuizawa Spirit Safe Edition Cask 3206 60.8% 1991

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Distillery Karuizawa
Bottler OB
Serie Spirit Safe Edition
Bottled for Whisky Magazin Japan for OXFAM
Distilled date 1991
Bottling date 2019
Country Japan
Region Kochi
Age 19
Cask Type Sherry Cask
Cask Number 3206
Alcohol percentage 60.8
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Box, Slightly dented and lower fillling. Few holes in wax sealing
Label Perfect
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Please note:
In Original Box, Slightly dented and lower fillling. Few holes in wax sealing. Additional pictures of the capsule are available.

Karuizawa 1991 Spirit Safe Edition Cask 3206: A Sherry Cask Masterpiece for a Cause

In the illustrious realm of Japanese whisky, Karuizawa stands as a beacon of rarity and excellence. Among its many treasures, the Karuizawa 1991 Spirit Safe Edition Cask 3206 holds a special place, not only for its exceptional quality but also for the noble cause it supports. Distilled in 1991, bottled in 2010, and matured for 19 years in a sherry cask, this expression is a testament to the craftsmanship of Karuizawa and the spirit of generosity.

Origins of Karuizawa Distillery:

Founded in 1955 in the foothills of Mount Asama, the Karuizawa Distillery gained acclaim for its commitment to traditional Scottish methods and its distinctive Japanese flair. Despite its closure in 2000, Karuizawa whiskies have become some of the most sought-after and collectible spirits in the world.

Cask 3206: The Spirit Safe Edition:

The Karuizawa 1991 Spirit Safe Edition Cask 3206 is a masterpiece born from the meticulous blending of time, craftsmanship, and the influence of sherry-seasoned casks. Distilled in the renowned year of 1991, this expression spent 19 years maturing in a sherry cask, absorbing the rich and complex flavors that define Karuizawa's signature style.

Bottled in 2010 at a bold 60.8%, the Spirit Safe Edition showcases the distillery's commitment to presenting its whiskies in their purest and most authentic form. The choice of cask 3206 adds an extra layer of significance, as each cask imparts its own unique character to the whisky it nurtures.

A Noble Collaboration: Bottled for Whisky Magazin Japan for OXFAM

What elevates the Karuizawa 1991 Spirit Safe Edition Cask 3206 beyond its exceptional craftsmanship is the purpose it serves. This particular expression was bottled exclusively for Whisky Magazin Japan, a publication dedicated to the celebration and exploration of fine whiskies. However, the significance goes beyond the confines of the whisky world, as the proceeds from this bottling contribute to the charitable efforts of OXFAM.

OXFAM, an international confederation of charitable organizations, focuses on addressing global issues such as poverty, inequality, and social injustice. The collaboration between Whisky Magazin Japan and Karuizawa exemplifies the power of whisky to not only delight the senses but also make a positive impact on the world.

Tasting Notes:

As you embark on a journey with the Karuizawa 1991 Spirit Safe Edition Cask 3206, anticipate a symphony of flavors. The sherry influence imparts rich notes of dried fruits, dark chocolate, and a subtle warmth that lingers on the palate. The high ABV adds an intensity that amplifies the complexity, inviting you to savor each sip.


The Karuizawa 1991 Spirit Safe Edition Cask 3206 transcends the boundaries of a typical whisky experience. It is not merely a collectible for enthusiasts or a testament to the distillery's legacy; it is a symbol of collaboration, generosity, and the ability of fine spirits to make a meaningful difference. As you raise a glass of this exceptional expression, you not only savor the craftsmanship of Karuizawa but also contribute to the noble cause championed by Whisky Magazin Japan and OXFAM. Cheers to the spirit of giving, embodied in every drop of this extraordinary whisky.

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