Teeling 15 Years Old Amburana Cask 6210 Specially Selected for the Duchess 57.8% 2006

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Teeling - 15 Years Old Amburana Cask 6210 Specially Selected for the Duchess 57.8% 2006 In Original Container
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Distillery Teeling
Bottler Teeling Whiskey Company
Bottled for The Duchess Exclusive
Distilled date 2006
Bottling date 02.2022
Country Ireland
Region Dublin
Age 15
Cask Type Virgin Amburana Brazilian hardwood
Cask Number 15
Alcohol percentage 57.8
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Container
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

Gal Granov (88)

Time for some whiskey, and a very unique cask type today: Amburana wood. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard about this wood type. It seems it’s a Brazillian type of hardwood used originally to age cachaça. Irish distilleries have an edge over the Scotch distillers as they are able to use all sorts of wood types and not only Oak – pretty cool.

This cask is bottled for the Duchess , aged 15 years in virgin Amburana cask – very excited to get to try how this unique sort of wood can affect the Irish distillate. let’s try it then…

Nose: A nice combination of baked apples and coconut shreds, there’s an abundance of spice, with ginger powder, aniseed and cinnamon bark, a touch of marzipan/almonds alongside icing sugar, sweet raisins, and buttery fresh croissant. Quite inviting.

Palate: Bigger and a bit more bitter than the nose at first, then the sweeter cinnamon pastries / baked apples arrive, there’s plenty of dried coconut, some licorice, and a fair amount of wood spices, quite hot and even earthy at times, with the sweet fruit in the background. A wee note of red grapefruit as well. A very interesting profile indeed!

Finish: Apple sweetness alongside wood spices – mainly on pepper, licorice, and cinnamon, and a very faint hint of grapefruit pith.

Conclusion: A very interesting and yummy whiskey, with lots of sweet baked apples, spices, and a nice twist. highly enjoyable! Good choice of cask there by the Duchess.

Malt Fascination (90)

When this came out the thing I first did was look up what the rulings and regulations for Irish Whiskey are. Amburana is, as you might have guessed, not oak. It’s a Brazilian kind of hardwood not often used for maturing any type of spirit. In Scotland this would immediately disqualify the contents of being whisky, but in Ireland, as it turns out, there is no such regulation.

It’s no surprise the whisk(e)y industry generally sticks to oak, since it’s one of the hardwoods that tends to not leak. Amburana is different and casks have to be handled very carefully. As far as I know this is only the second cask of Amburana wood from Teeling, with the first being a distillery exclusive.

So, whiskey after all! And with a spirit like Teeling, which is generally of very high quality, this was an interesting one to dive in to! A bottle share was created, some samples were sold. But even within my bottle-share club of fellow whisky nerds, not too many people were enthralled by what a different type of wood maturation could bring to bear.

Initially this worried me, but after having tried the liquid, I’m actually quite glad to be stuck with some more of it. Why? Just read on!

Initially it starts off with that typical Irish Whiskey candy-like sweetness. Wine gums and peardrops and such. But quickly therafter there’s a veritable mountain of marzipan and dark wood. Almond flour, tonka beans, a whiff of mocha too.

Quite some peppery heat, with loads of marzipan and tonka beans. Some dried fruits including a bitter tinge from the fruit stones. A spiced cake like sweetness, almond flour and freshly ground espresso.

The finish is very consistent with the palate. Slightly more mellow, and long. After a few minutes the tonka beans and marzipan start waning, and more typical woody notes come through.

It’s not very uncommon to get notes of marzipan in whiskey. In this case there was a boatload of it, and that’s something new. The notes of tonka bean, though, those pulled me right in. It’s a very unique whiskey, and I can imagine the strangeness taking some time to get used to, but I absolutely love it.

Some real innovation that is not solely based on casks being used for a different kind of wine than normal, or a more efficient type of barley at the cost of depth of flavor. I highly recommend getting a bottle and getting stuck in!

As with the Ailsa Bay from a little while ago, I am very much considering to get a second one of this, for later.

Let’s hope quality booze like this paves the way for more innovative approaches in the future!

BOW (91)

Teeling 15 Years Old Amburana Cask: A Unique Whisky Experience
Prepare to embark on a whisky journey like no other with Teeling 15 Years Old Amburana Cask, a remarkable expression specially selected for The Duchess, an exceptional premium Dutch independent bottler known for their exceptional cask selections. Distilled in 2006 and bottled in February 2022, this Irish single malt whiskey has been matured in Virgin Amburana Brazilian hardwood casks, adding a distinctive twist to its flavor profile.
As you bring the glass to your nose, you are greeted with enticing aromas reminiscent of carrot cake and Christmas cake. The fragrance is rich with notes of cinnamon, five spices, nutmeg, and almonds. As you delve deeper, the scent evolves into a delightful marzipan experience, inviting you to explore further.
On the palate, the spices mentioned before make a bold appearance once again, accompanied by the presence of marzipan and licorice. The sweet side of the whiskey reveals flavors of baked apples, carrot and Christmas cake, vanilla spices, and the satisfying crunch of nuts, such as macadamias. The combination of flavors creates a harmonious symphony on the taste buds, showcasing the complexity and depth of this whisky.
The finish is long and lingering, leaving a pleasant spiciness that dances on your palate. It's a captivating finale to a truly unique tasting experience.
Whiskynotes.be describes Amburana as a type of Brazilian hardwood typically used to age cachaça, a sugarcane aguardente. Although not a common cask type in Scotch whisky production, other producers such as Plantation (rum), WhistlePig (American whiskey), and now Teeling have embraced it to infuse their spirits with a distinct character. The Duchess, a renowned Dutch bottler, has presented this exclusive single cask release that was finished in Amburana wood.
According to Whiskynotes.be, the nose of Teeling 15 Years Old Amburana Cask showcases a typical aroma of apple crumble, featuring baked yellow apples, buttery notes, and cinnamon sugar. There are hints of star anise, golden raisins, coconut shavings, marzipan, and even a whiff of tonka beans. The experience is akin to indulging in the aromas of a master baker's creations.
On the palate, the baked apple and cinnamon combination persists, accompanied by a touch of woody flavors and an earthy edge. Notes of licorice, ginger, and a faint tannic/bitter character add complexity. The whiskey also reveals fruit and honey granola flavors, with a lingering fruitiness that is slightly overshadowed by the alcohol and spice elements.
The finish is long, with the spice notes persisting, including cinnamon, pepper, and nutmeg, along with traces of baked apple.
Teeling's use of Amburana casks in this expression results in a truly unique flavor profile, evoking the essence of carrot cake. While it may be considered a successful experiment, it is worth noting that the intensity of these flavors may not be suitable for extended consumption. Nevertheless, this whiskey deserves admiration for its distinctiveness and innovation.
With a rating of 87/100 points score , Teeling 15 Years Old Amburana Cask offers a whisky experience that is both fascinating and memorable. This Best of Whiskies exclusive is a testament to the expertise of Teeling, The Duchess, and the wonders of Amburana wood. So raise your glass and savor the exceptional drams crafted by these visionaries in the world of whisky. Cheers to their passion and the extraordinary flavors they bring to life!

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