Long Pond National Rums Of Jamaica Cambridge STCE 2010 57% 2010

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Distillery Long Pond
Bottler La Maison & Velier
Serie National Rums Of Jamaica
Bottled for
Distilled date 2010
Bottling date 2022
Country Jamaica
Region Parish of Trelawny
Age 12
Cask Type
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 57
Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

Serge Valentin (88)

A vatting of fifteen (15) bourbon barrels. That's almost as many as in a batch of Johnnie Walker Blue, no? Now, as for this little rum and as I understand it, the name Cambridge refers to an old distillery whose make they're replicating at Long Pond, the marque STCE meaning 'Simon Thomsom Cambridge Estate'. Good, and the name 'continental flavoured' refers to one of the four styles they're making altogether, namely a rather high-ester one (500 to 700 gr/hlpa). Good, hope I've got everything more or less right, let us proceed… Colour: full gold. Nose: varnishes, acetone, polishes and carbon dust (a Porsche after the Nürburgring, as they say). Gosh they'll cancel us too one day. Then the expected rotting (well, rotten) bananas, artichokes, black olives, and Scotch tape. With water: more of all that, with perhaps a different balance. More Scotch tape. Mouth (neat): massive loads of rotting tropical fruits, with a feeling of ammonia, and certainly more varnish, plus coal tar and just diesel oil (right, a feeling of diesel oil, or rather something reminiscent of diesel oil). With water: sorrel juice (yep) and guava juice taking over. Very unusual – well I'm not familiar with these makes anyway. Acidic and rather sour. Finish: long, with more tart fruits of all kinds. Sour, gherkiny aftertaste. More liquorice in the aftertaste. Comments: extreme. Quaffing dressers often comes with a challenge, this is an excellent (and actually excellent) example.

BOW (89)

Marque STCE

This Jamaican rum was distilled in 2010 at the Long Pond distillery. The rum is known for its full bodied taste, which is characterized by its sweet side of bananas and caramel. The maturation took place in Jamaica for a period of 12 years, making the Angel's Share more than 55%!

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