Wines from Graham


Graham's history goes back three centuries. This is when John and William Graham started a textile business. In 1820, the two brothers accepted a few barrels of port as a settlement for someone's debts. This led William and John to delve into the production of port. This wine fascinated them so much that they ultimately decided to produce their own port under the name Graham's. At present, the wine company - under the management of the Symington family for several years now - has grown into one of the largest producers in the region.

The property consists of 26 wineries and 1,114 hectares of vineyards. The vineyard area is spread over five mountainous vineyards, with vines planted on steep slopes. This makes working and harvesting the vineyards a challenging task, but the location actually benefits the quality. Only the best bunches are used for the wines, after several selection rounds, both during harvesting and at the sorting table.

Tradition and experience are a central theme throughout the company, but they are also keen on innovation and modern techniques; all for the sake of the best quality. The grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks. After fermentation, the wines are transferred to oak barrels for maturation. The maturation time depends on the style of the port. There is a distinction between bottle-aged and wood-aged port wines. Bottle-aged wines are bottled young, sometimes after a short period in wood. True to its name, wood-aged port matures for a longer period in the barrel. The barrels are stored in Vila Nova de Gaia. There are as many as 3,500!

Over the years, Graham's has built up a good reputation worldwide when it comes to vintage port. These port wines are only produced in exceptional years. These port wines are known for their concentration, complexity, and longevity. The wines are very popular among connoisseurs and port lovers!

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