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Zýmē, a winery founded by Celestino Gaspari in 1999, derives its name from the Greek word for "yeast". This bears significance in the world of winemaking as yeast is a fundamental element in the process. It also serves as a symbol of naturalness and transformation, two values that Gaspari holds dear. The company logo, a vine leaf inscribed with a pentagon, represents the five main elements involved in wine production: man, vine, earth, sun, and water.

Zýmē aims to establish a harmonious relationship between man and nature, creating a perfect habitat where symbiosis thrives. Gaspari envisions a new humanism of the earth, where humans act as custodians of the land, protecting and renewing it. To achieve this, Zýmē adopts eco-sustainable cultivation practices and emphasizes the legibility of the final product, emphasizing the importance of understanding the production processes and respecting nature's timeline.

The company's approach to winemaking blends tradition and innovation. Gaspari respects and cares for the historic wines of Valpolicella, while also experimenting with new wines to rejuvenate the territory. With 30 hectares of vineyards scattered across various regions in Veneto, including Valpolicella, Verona, and Vicenza, Zýmē embraces the diversity of soils and microclimates to reflect the richness of the terroir. The company cultivates vines and olive groves in different situations, some family-owned, others purchased, and some regulated by collaboration contracts. This wide range of cultivation areas adds wealth and complexity to Zýmē's wines, allowing them to showcase the multifaceted side of the brand.

The winery itself is a testament to the harmony between nature and culture. The cellar was designed in a limestone quarry that dates back to 1400 AD, symbolizing the synergy between nature and history. The project takes into account the characteristics of the quarry while meeting the production needs of wine storage and aging. The absence of sunlight and thermal stability in the cellar ensures the authenticity of the wine. The exterior of the cellar reflects the quarry environment, with stone coverings from the excavation phase and steel inserts. The shape of the cellar, when viewed from above, resembles the pentagon shape of a vine leaf, echoing Zýmē's logo. Additionally, the cellar's architecture blends into the natural landscape, with hanging gardens and a wavy profile that complements the hilly amphitheater of via Cà del Pipa.

Overall, Zýmē embodies a philosophy of balance and harmony, where eco-sustainability and respect for nature are paramount. Gaspari's vision for Zýmē is not only to produce exceptional wines but also to foster a renewed relationship between humans and the environment. With its combination of tradition and innovation, Zýmē continues to push boundaries in winemaking, showcasing the diverse terroir of Veneto and offering a taste of the symbiotic relationship between man and nature.

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