Wines from Prunotto


Ai Vini della Langhe; a wine cooperative from 1904. This cooperative was founded in the town hall of Serralunga with the then still youthful Alfredo Prunotto as a witness. Unfortunately, economic uncertainty and the First World War put the company in deep water. Sadly, this lead to major financial problems and there was really no other option than to file for bankruptcy. Eventually, Alfredo Prunotto met a woman, married her and together they took over cooperative Ai Vini della Langhe. The company was renamed Prunotto. The winery soon became world famous and their Barbaresco and Barolo are among the top in Italy.

The winery is located southwest of the city of Alba and was realized in 1972 with the design of architect Ugo della Piana. In 1989, the Antinori family took over the domain. The daughter of Piero Antinori is taking on this challenge and she focuses completely on the vineyards, which is where it all begins. The most important vineyards are Bussia, Occhetti, Costamile and Bansella. Over the years, the property has expanded to 65 hectares. Modern techniques and equipment are combined with old traditions.

Previously, cement barrels were used, but these have now been replaced by stainless steel tanks. These new tanks have a different size, which benefits skin contact. The old 100 hectolitre foudres from 1970 have also been replaced. The cellar is now filled with large barrels of French and Slavonian oak in various sizes, ranging from 27 to 77 hectolitres. These adjustments allow the terroir of each individual vineyard to shine through much more. The wines are of high quality, complex and characterized by a long aging potential. The best vintages are: 1996, 2006, 2010 and 2016.

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