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Parusso's story goes way back.The first vineyard was purchased in 1901 by Gaspare Parusso, the great-grandfather of the family. It was a Mariondino parcel in the village of Castiglione Falletto. In 1925, the Rovella farmhouse was bought in the Bussia area within the municipality of Monforte d'Alba, situated just under 4 km from the town of Barolo. This location placed them right in the heart of Piedmontese wine production, which is among the most significant in Italy. Today the Parusso company's winery, along with the underlying Rocche vineyard, is now located at Cascina Rovella.

The first Parusso wine label dates back to 1971, marking the beginning of wine sales. However, two significant events would ultimately shape the destiny of the company. In 1986, the current managers, Marco and Tiziana Parusso, completed their studies at the wine school in Alba. This milestone solidified their transition from farmers to accomplished winemakers. Then, in 1989, their father Armando Parusso purchased the Munie vineyard in Bussia, further establishing their position as dedicated winemakers.

The Parusso family is a family of farmers, they place utmost importance on respecting the territory and nature to establish a harmonious relationship with the land. Alongside traditional techniques, they have developed a micro-zoning approach to the soils, tailoring the fertilization and pruning methods based on the characteristics of each plot. Additionally, they utilize high-quality humus and specific microorganisms to enrich the soil with essential nutrients and oxygen, ensuring its health, richness, and aeration. Parusso encourages the growth of natural grass between the rows to promote deep root systems, which in turn fosters healthy, disease-resistant, and stable plants.

Situated in the center of the Barolo district, the vineyards benefit from the coexistence of two soil types: Tortonian and Helvetian. These soils blend seamlessly, resulting in a rich and diverse terroir characterized by limestone, sand, marl and clay. Each vineyard possesses distinct qualities depending on the altitude, sun exposure, soil and microclimate. Parusso diligently tend to each vineyard, nurturing its unique character and allowing the wines to reflect the terroir.

The Parusso Cru wines are Bussia, Mosconi, and Mariondino. The Bussia, with its marly soil and chalky composition, stands out for its finesse and elegance. Mosconi showcases a tufaceous marly soil, embodying a perfect blend vigor and tradition. Mariondino is characterized by its marly-sandstone structure with veins of sand, resulting in in a spicy and captivating Barolo.

The estate, situated in the Bussia locality of Monforte d'Alba, produces approximately 150,000 bottles per year across 28 hectares.

The harvest is meticulously carried out by hand and grapes are harvested when they reach optimal ripeness. Tasting the grapes to determine the ideal moment for harvesting is done when needed. This careful selection is vital in shaping our winemaking style in the cellar.

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