Wines from Giuseppe Rinaldi

Giuseppe Rinaldi

Winery Rinaldi can be found in the heart of Cuneo, Piedmont. Rinaldi is one of the most traditional producers of the region. Tradition and quality have been of paramount importance since its foundation and these values have been handed down from generation to generation. The philosophy of the winery is to produce complex wines. Not a wine that is easy and simply delicious, but a wine that makes you take your time and think. A wine that you will not soon forget.

Dolcetto, barbera and of course nebbiolo are the most widely planted grape varieties. In total, about ten hectares are planted. Rinaldi also owns some crus, such as Brunate, Cannubi-San Lorenzo and Ravera. Their vineyard management is based on organic regulations. Respect for nature has always been the most important principle.

After the grapes are brought in by hand, the fermentation starts with natural yeasts. The vinification follows age-old traditions. Both the fermentation and the aging take place in barrels of Slavonian oak. The aging time depends on the type of wine. Even though these are some of the best-known cru vineyards, no 'single cru vineyard' cuvées are produced. The reason for this? The previous generations achieved harmony and natural balance in Barolo by blending various plots too. If this way of working was adapted, it would not be the most traditional producer.

The cru vineyards, the careful vineyard management and the traditional working method result in very complex wines. Barolo Cannubio, Tre Trine and Brunate-La Coste are the most famous wines of the winery and have many admirers. In short, an iconic winery from Piedmont!

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Giuseppe Rinaldi

Wines from from Giuseppe Rinaldi

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