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The Burlotto Winery is a family owned domaine, where all aspects from vineyard management, production of wine and selling the wines, are managed by the family. The family run estate consists of the owner, Marina Burlotto, her husband, Giuseppe Alessandria, who is responsible for the vineyards, and their son, Fabio, an oenology graduate who introduced modern techniques and produces wine with respect to the old traditions and family history.

Fabio Alessandria is highly regarded for his wines, out-performing many of his colleagues in the region. He continues the distinguished family history that dates back to the 1800s, when the estate's namesake, Giovan Battista (G.B.) Burlotto, was revered worldwide for his accomplishments in winemaking. G.B. was one the first to sell wine in bottles in stead of casks, following the trend in Bordeaux.

The Burlotto estate covers 12 hectares, with 9 situated in Verduno.

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Wines from from Burlotto

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