Wines from Bruno Giacosa

Bruno Giacosa

Bruno Giacosa is considered one of the legendary winemakers of the world, having crafted the most prestigious single-vineyard Barolo and Barbaresco wines during his career spanning nearly eight decades. Bruno started working in the family cellar at the age of 16 and absorbed traditional knowledge and techniques passed down through generations rather than studying oenology. His single-minded approach, combined with his exacting and modest personality, led to the production of exceptional wines. Since 2006, his daughter, Bruna, has been running the estate, upholding Bruno’s standards and commitment to producing wines of the highest quality and true vineyard expression.

The estate is famous for its Barbaresco crus Asili, Rabajà, Santo Stefano, and Barolo crus Vigna Rionda. 

The red label riserva Barolos and Barbarescos are often considered on par with the best red wines in the world. These exceptional wines are made only a few times every decade and possess a unique and enchanting quality that only the greatest wines possess.

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Bruno Giacosa
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