Wines from Vie di Romans

Vie di Romans

Gianfranco Gallo was one of the first to recognize the potential of the terroir in Friuli. He produced his very first vintage in 1978. It didn't take long for Vie di Romans to become the icon of the region.

The vineyards are planted in Isonzo, which lies between the town of Collio and the Adriatic Sea. The cold Bora wind from the Alps and the warm Sirocco wind from the Mediterranean create unique conditions and a long growing season here. Autumn can be damp and wet, but the winds dry the grapes very quickly. Therefore, no pesticides against rot or mold are needed. The soil was formed by century-old glaciers and consists of clay and pebbles. A type of soil in which the vines can root deeply and thus take in sufficient water and minerals. The main grape varieties planted are: pinot grigio, friulano, malvasia, chardonnay, merlot and pinot noir.

Vie di Romans is known for their typical style and way of making wine. The yield is kept as low as possible and is only 0.9 kg per vine. After the manual harvest, the bunches are destemmed and the skin soaking begins. Once fermentation is over, the wines are aged (partially) in barriques and stainless steel tanks. Sometimes new wood is used and other times older barrels are used. Wood aging usually lasts 2 years. The wines of Vie di Romans need time and therefore it is recommended to open the bottle only after an average of 5 years. The storage potential goes up to about 20 years. This is precisely what makes Vie di Romans so unique. In fact, there are very few producers who market a pinot grigio intended for aging. They are all exceptional wines with a unique style off their own.

The best vintages are: 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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Vie di Romans

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