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Weingut Dr Heger came into being because the German doctor Dr Max Heger worked as a winemaker in his spare time. Indeed, he received many winemakers from the area in his practice and they managed to enthuse him. This eventually led to him buying his own vineyards. He did not buy the least plots. The iconic plots of Schlossberg in Achkarrer and Winklerberg in Ihringer were the first vineyards he bought. When World War II arrived and Max was drafted as a medical officer, he had to hand over the running of his winery. His son Wolfgang, nicknamed Mimus, became the person in charge. It was Wolfgang who managed to put the winery on the map.

The vineyards are located on the Kaiserstuhl in the Baden region. The climatic conditions here are excellent for viticulture, as Baden is among the warmest places in Germany. The steep slopes and south to southwest exposure ensure that the vines take full advantage of the sun. In addition, the stony soil absorbs heat from the sun, which is given off during the night. All these factors create a unique piece of terroir. Of the 28 hectares, pinot noir and pinot gris both account for 30%. Other grape varieties planted include: pinot blanc, riesling, chardonnay and muscateller.

The cellar is all about detail and tradition. Fermentation takes place in both casks, barriques and stainless steel. The type of barrel depends on the year and the cuvée. This also applies to the ageing of the wines. Dr Heger produces many different wines, from VDP Ortswein, Erste Lage to Grose Gewächse (GG). One of the wines bears Wolfgang's nickname. This is the Mimus Spätburgunder Erste Lage Ihringer Winklerberg. Another of Dr Heger's top wines is the Winklerberg Wanne Häusleboden GG. This wine is regularly awarded with fantastic reviews and scores!

Dr Heger's exceptional vintages are 2018 and 2020.

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Wines from from Dr. Heger

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